Sermon Archive for 2009 and 2010


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Sunday Morning Sermons

Bruce - "God Is Constantly Watching Over Me"

Bruce - Father's Day

Bruce - "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days"

Bruce - "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" - 2

Bruce - "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" - 3



Bruce - "Integrity"
Kent Mereness
Bruce - "Selfless Expectations"
Bruce - "Building Strong Marriages"
Matt Howell
Bruce - "Building Strong Marriages-2"
Bruce - "Building Strong Marriages-3"

Bruce - "Building Strong Marriages-4"

"Who Needs An Elder?"


"Job Description of an Elder"

"An Elder Must Be...-3

"An Elder Must Be...-4

"An Elder Must Be...-5

"An Elder Must Be...-6

Eldership Series

"Come On In...The Water Is Great-1"

"Come On In...The Water Is Great-2"

"Avoiding Pit Falls"

"Avoiding Pit Falls of Life:Anger"

"Avoiding Pit Falls of Life:Breaking The Golden Rule"

Bruce - "He Is What We Need"

Matt Howell-Youth Sunday 2010

Bruce - "A Better Tomorrow Begins  Today With You"

Bruce-Easter "He Lives!"

Bruce - "Youth In The Hands of God"

Bruce - "Nothing Stronger Than The Hearts of A Volunteer"

Bruce - "Pressing On!!!"

Sunday Morning Sermons

Bruce - "Bible Heros - David"

Jim Taylor

Bruce - 6/27/10

Bruce-Heros of Faith-Jonathan

Kent Hayhurst-Homecoming 2010

Bruce-Heros of Faith-Samson

Bruce-Heros of Faith-Noah

Bruce-Heros of Faith-Joseph

Bruce-Heros of Faith-Moses

Bruce-Heros of Faith-Jesus

Bruce-You Can Learn Alot From An Ant

Bruce-The Best Rescue Mission

Bruce-There Are Giants Standing In The Door!

Bruce-Taste And See That The Lord Is Good

Bruce-5 Star Rating

Bruce-Discovering Hope!

Bruce-I've Got An Old Flame To Fan!

Bruce-Unashamed To Praise!

Bruce-What Do You Get A Man Who Has Everything?

Bruce-What You And The Sheperds Have In Common

Bruce-Where Is He Who Has Been Born King Of The Jews



Bruce Baird -- "The Blood That Was Shed For Me"