Sermon Archive for 2011


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Sunday Morning Sermons

Bruce-Yes He Knows Just What I Need

Bruce-You Are Invited

Bruce-Song Service

Matt-Youth Sunday 2011

Bruce-Overcoming Discouragement

Bruce-Practical Living

Bruce-Extravagant Love


Bruce-Manuelito Navajo Childrens Home

Bruce-Truth, Is There Really Such A Thing

Bruce-Learning Languages of Love

Bruce-The Hopeful

Bruce-Making Families Strong-1

Bruce-Making Families Strong-2

Matt-LTC 2011

Bruce-Making Families Strong-3

Bruce-Making Families Strong-4

Bruce-Thirsting for God

Bruce-Thirsting for God In Our Prayers


Bruce-Sing Your Heart Out


Bruce-Run To Fast

Sunday Morning Sermons


Bruce-Thirsting For God In Each Other

Bruce-Thirsting For God In Meditation

Bruce-Soul Surfing With Confidence

Bruce-Its So Easy To Fall In-Love

Bruce-Setting Our Highest Priorities

Bruce-Needing A Good Friend

Bruce-Going On In The Fear Of The Lord

Bruce-Looking For A Clean Stall

Bruce-Cornerstone For Marriage-1

Bruce-Cornerstone For Marriage-3

Bruce-Cornerstone For Marriage-4

Bruce-Cornerstone For Marriage-5

Bruce-Cornerstone For Marriage-6


Bruce-Cornerstone For Marriage-8

Bruce-He Is Able

Bruce-What About You-Who Do YOU Say
That I Am