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 Summer Series 2018

William Eudy

David Pounds

Rick Bloodworth

Jeff Proctor

David Lough

Andrew Shipley

Bailey Chisum

Terry Ellison

Tim Johnson

 Summer Series2014

Summer Series2015

Summer Series2016

Summer Series2017

Kent Hayhurst
Homecoming 2014

Father's Day 2013

Johnathan Ledbetter


Homecoming 2012

Lynn Camp

Bible Class

Morning Worship


Kent Hayhurst- The Three Most Important Things I Learned Growing Up In Tulia


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Tim Johnson -- "Hitting the Reset Button-The Old is Gone" January 6, 2019

Tim Johnson -- "Hitting the Reset Button-The New Has Come" January 13, 2019

Tim Johnson -- "Get Over Yourself-Truth Over Lies" January 20, 2019